Important News – Paxton House



The Chippendale Society are delighted to hear the news of Paxton House being awarded Nationally Significant status to the Chippendale and Trotter furniture collection.

‘Paxton House has received recognition for its internationally important collection of furniture by Thomas Chippendale the Elder and Younger, and by William Trotter. The comprehensive collection, which was commissioned for Paxton House, charts a stylistic evolution from late Rococo to the Greek Revival. The Chippendale furniture commissioned for Paxton House gave rise to ‘The Paxton Style’ a fashionable mode which spread far beyond Berwickshire to become especially popular on the eastern seaboard of the USA.’

Scotland’s Nationally Significant Collections administered by Museums Galleries Scotland on behalf of the Scottish government promotes, celebrates and invests in nationally significant collections beyond those held in national museums and galleries.

To find out more about the Paxton collection see here

Also as readers may be aware, in 2018 Paxton plan to hold several events in conjunction with the Chippendale 300 celebrations. To see what is currently planned, take a look at the Chippendale 300 website.